Streamers that Launch With Mobile Carrier Deals have Better Initial Success
The months leading up to the launch of a new streaming service are always filled with advertisements and promotions to generate interest. Streaming services often market their new content with free trials, discounted subscription prices, or the appeal of new original content. Another marketing tactic we’ve seen a lot of recently is piggybacking on big mobile carriers to reach new customers. …
February 12, 2021
Parler's 15 Minutes Of, Er, Infamy?
Parler, the extreme right-wing micro-blogging app that surged in the days leading up to and following the election, already appears to be wearing out, according to a new report from Embee Mobile, which has been tracking the composition and usage of its user base via its proprietary panel of metered …
December 18, 2020
Welcome To My ‘Parler,’ Said The Spider To The Flies
"Parler usage has exploded," Embee Mobile noted in a report released this morning showing that Parler is now among the top seven social media apps, ranking just behind Pinterest and ahead of Tumblr. Demographically, Embee’s data shows Parler users are "overwhelmingly female" (66%), older (46% are 45-plus, while 78% are 35-plus), Caucasian (89%), and skew toward the South (47%).
November 12, 2020
Forget What The Polls Say, Social Media Predicts This Candidate Will Be The Next President
According to data from Embee Mobile’s Real-Time 2020 Election Tracker, which is updated in near real time, President Donald Trump has maintained a slight edge over Biden based on Facebook user opinions – but Biden edges out Trump on Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat and TikTok. "The way Embee Mobile gets its data is completely different than all other polling – we engage people differently, it is proprietary, and it’s balanced on how people voted in 2016 and not by party association," explained Russell Tillitt, founder and CEO of Embee Mobile. "This is important because if there is a systematic bias among the major polling firms because of some underlying common assumption or turn-out model, we should see differences between our results and their results. But largely our top-line results are similar to major polls. That said, we do have deeper insights due to the data we have."
October 29, 2020
Embee Mobile's Real-Time 2020 Election Tracker Now Equipped to Provide Insight into Voting Intention Based on Social Media Use & More
Today Embee Mobile, the company that builds and manages unique mobile-based insight communities, is announcing that its Real-Time 2020 Election Tracker now includes the ability to segment voter trends and intentions by a variety of behaviors such as regular use of social media apps and frequency of dining and shopping out. "Social Media, and Facebook, in particular, had a big impact on the 2016 Presidential election," said Russell Tillitt, CEO and founder of Embee Mobile. "As it’s been well reported, voters were influenced by the information, and disinformation, that they saw on social media in 2016. Naturally, we wanted to know — what could the impact on 2020 look like? So, we created our 2020 Election Tracker, using our own first-party mobile panel and behavioral data, to better understand how people’s social media usage impacts and aligns with their political preferences."
October 27, 2020
No Evidence Of TikTok Cannibalism, Says Snapchat Bull Wells Fargo
Data from Embee Mobile Insight Solutions shows favorable trends for Snapchat after the emergence of its music lenses. Specifically, TikTok users typically increased their Snapchat usage by five to seven minutes. This could be due to Snap’s compelling offering that includes new lenses that are integrated with improved augmented reality technology, Fitzgerald said.
June 26, 2020
No Evidence Of TikTok Cannibalism, Says Snapchat Bull Wells Fargo
TikTok is emerging as a formidable competitor in the social media space, as it amassed 1.5 billion downloads globally by the end of 2019. But TikTok’s usage doesn’t appear to be cannibalistic to Snap’s usage compared to other social media platforms.In fact, data from Embee Mobile Insight Solutions shows favorable trends for Snapchat after the emergence of its music lenses
June 26, 2020