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The Cookiepocolypse Grows Closer – Are Advertisers Ready?

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Last September we posted a blog titled The Coming Cookiepocolypse and the Future of Ad Effectiveness in which we explored the upcoming elimination of third-party tracking cookies, aka, the “cookiepocolypse” and how it was sending tremors throughout the digital advertising world, particularly with those that rely on tracking cookies and…

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Texans’ Search for Comfort Food Was a Top Mobile Trend During February Power Outages

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During February's cold snap, which was catastrophic for many Texans, mobile behavior indicates that when Texans initially hunkered down they were hoping to order food through GrubHub. As the week progressed, they were most interested in ordering pizza from Pizza Hut, and donuts and coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, and in…

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When subscription services partner with a carrier. Is it a good idea?

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Embee Mobile has historical behavioral data on tens of thousands of US phone users that can be used to observe differential behavior between various cohorts. An example of how this can be used is to observe the take up of subscription services where a cellular operator relationship has been instigated….

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UC Berkeley & Embee Mobile Research Reveals Insights into Personal Beliefs and Behaviors, and Economic Impact, During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Embee Mobile, the company that builds and manages unique mobile-based insight communities, and the University of California Berkeley, announced a COVID-19 research brief titled “The Changing Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Individuals and Households in the U.S.” reveals insights into two key areas – pandemic behaviors and attitudes, and…

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Politically Motivated Conservatives Flee to Parler. Is it a Movement or a Fleeting Moment?

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Have you heard the news? Some Facebook and Twitter users planned a mass exodus from the platforms to join Parler. Twitter users are going to Twexit off the platform and more than a dozen Facebook events promoting the exodus are planned, with several dozen more scheduled to take place up…

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