Embee provides completely unique understanding of the consumer life.

Embee is a market leader in mobile audience analytics, consumer panels, mobile sampling and programmatic surveys. Our services provide a full-stack solution for understanding the mobile consumer across the entire insights process.

Embee digital intelligence platform provides first-party human-centric insights, cost effectively and in real-time.


Syndicated Audience Data

Get instant access to mobile audience insights from one of the largest proprietary and longitudinal mobile panels. Providing never before seen depth and scale of understanding the consumer across increasingly fragmented path to purchase. Measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign across multiple screens. Used by some of the largest market research companies.

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Mobile-First Audience Panels:
Minimize costs and maximize the value of your research panels.

  • Complete end-to-end panel creation and management
  • In-app, real-time screening—preventing fraud
  • Launch your panel in weeks, not months
  • Real-time data to drive quicker decision making
  • Range of data-gathering modules and capabilities
  • Integrate, deploy your own technologies, API/SDK
  • Full segmentation and geo-targeting
  • Built-in rewards—eliminating third-party vendor costs
  • Unparalleled retention rates, creating stable panels with minimal churn
  • Fixed, capped costs—pay for only the panelists you need

DIY Audience Intelligence Platform

ResearchDesk™ puts the power of data-driven insights into the hands of every Research Organization.

ResearchDesk™ is a DIY data-driven research platform enabling researchers everywhere to leverage the combination of audience data and survey sampling. ResearchDesk™ provides unique access to audience data, while enabling the researchers with time and cost savings tools: set your own bid price; target based on app and web usage; access the Embee Audience Dashboard for a comprehensive visualization of your targeted audience habits.


EmbeeCapture is our mobile audience measurement technology. It enables a uniquely comprehensive ability for gaining new insights on how consumers engage with mobile devices, apps, web sites. It offers audience intelligence at scale, while fully protecting the privacy and anonymity of our panelists. This combination of unique depth, and full privacy compliance, enables researchers to understand the data they need, while also ensuring a rewarding experience for our panelists.

Programmatic Survey Sampling

Improve data quality, expand reach and speed up in-field times with our real-time automated sampling API for mobile-first surveys. Intelligent cost estimation models. High response rates and “gold standard” panel quality.