Consolidated, flexible, native mobile panel solution so you can focus on generating deeper understandings of your mobile consumers.

Embee eliminates the roadblocks of disparate tools and technologies and costly internal and external resources through consolidated, flexible native app technology that aligns panel creation, management and data acquisition seamlessly under one roof.

Our process guarantees qualified, fully-screened panelists and immediate demographic, behavioral and performance data. Combined with customizable data-gathering modules and a flexible platform to deploy your own technologies, you get the right mix of people and data.

With Embee’s proven incentive and reward processes driving panel retention, you get a complete picture of your consumers over time, for true longitudinal insights.

All thanks to a single app.

Your panel, your data: Integrate your meter, API/SDK for even richer data insights

In-browser URLs, clickstream, path to purchase

Embedded incentive and redemption functionality

Device functions and usages, i.e., camera, contacts, dialer, charging behavior, battery, CPU

Device events such as location/GPS triggers

In-app survey capabilities

Ad exposure tracking and measurement (including in-app ads)

Track usage and behavior across apps